The Oxford Method

Terms & Conditions

The Oxford Method is not affiliated with the University of Oxford.

Enrolment and Consultations:
  • Course bookings are accepted via our online booking service through our contact form.  
  • Initial consultations are provided free of charge with no obligation.
Payments and registration:
  • Clients wishing to register for a course are required to pay a non-refundable deposit of 15% to secure their place. This will be deducted from the total course fee, which must be settled prior to commencement.
  • Fees for editorial services must be settled prior to the return of edited material. Payments should be made in Pounds Sterling by PayPal or bank transfer to the account listed on the supplied invoice.
Refunds and Cancellations:
  • Once payment has been made with respect to services provided by The Oxford Method, you are deemed to have entered into a contract with us. If you choose to cancel a service, within 14 days of payment, but prior to commencement of the service, you are entitled to a full refund, less the cost of any classes already attended, services or materials provided. The right to cancel is withdrawn if the service is provided in full before the 14 days elapses.
  • We reserve the right to reschedule or cancel classes due to unforeseen circumstances such as, but not restricted to: weather warnings, staff sickness, equipment malfunction, accident or bereavement. The Oxford Method is not responsible for any additional costs you may incur as a result of cancelled classes.
  • Clients must inform The Oxford Method by telephone or email a minimum of 24 hours in advance should they be unable to attend an arranged session, at which point the option to reschedule will be offered, subject to availability. In the case of no-show or cancellations with less than 24 hours’ notice, the client forfeits the cost of the missed session.
Under 18s:
  • For clients under 18 years of age, a signed parental consent form must be returned prior to commencement of a Pre-packaged, Customised, or Language course.
Class sizes:
  • Class sizes will be confirmed during the booking process and never normally exceed 8 students to one tutor.  
  • Clients will be notified several months in advance of any yearly annual leave, otherwise classes will be available through all the major British holidays, except during the week of Christmas. Clients will not be charged for courses during those times.
  • Clients registering for courses will be expected to attend each class for the duration of their 6 week programme.
  • The Oxford Method is a registered sole trader. We accept client referrals but do not accept job applications at this time.
Privacy Policy:

The Oxford Method is committed to protecting our clients’ data. All personal data will be securely stored and deleted upon the conclusion of our provision of service to you. 

Please see our data protection policy.