The Oxford Method


Like the Pre-Packaged courses, the Customised courses are designed to not just prepare students for the various subject material they may encounter while at university, but to instil and develop in our students, through individually tailored syllabi, the following skills via the varied course content provided below: 

  • The development of critical thinking skills, argumentation style, and debate
    (both verbally and in written form)
  • How to research efficiently, stepping away from university textbooks, replacing them with real academic books, articles, and journals written by top academic professionals
  • How to read, make sense of, analyse, and apply academic theory to their weekly essays
  • How to write academically to a high Oxbridge standard (which can be applied to any UK university)
  • Learn how to read, write, and submit their essays to tight weekly deadlines
  • How to manage their time by learning how to read large amounts of data and process it into smaller, bite-size pieces
  • Teach students to research and write material they have never studied before, getting them out of their comfort zones 
  • Teach students to acknowledge their strengths and weaknesses and work on their personal development in each area

Students taking the Customised courses can choose to mix and match the themes below as part of their personally tailored 6-week syllabus:

  • Border Conflict
  • Education (Global and International)
  • European Culture and the European Union
  • Ethnicity
  • Festivals and Rituals
  • Immigration and Migration
  • Language and Identity
  • Minority Issues and Minority Rights
  • Multiculturalism
  • Nationalism  
  • Politics
  • Religion
  • Social and Cultural Anthropology (Incl. Subcultures)
  • Social Justice and Development

*Additional themes are available upon request.

Customised Courses include:

  • Personally tailored 6-week syllabus based on students’ selected themes (includes 6 weekly writing topics, 6 weekly essays, 6 weekly assessments/ feedback)
  • 6 weeks of reading material 
  • 6 hours of online face-to-face course instruction
  • Weekly contact time with tutor via email 
  • Weekly online face-to-face office hours with tutor 
  • Bi-weekly progress reports
  • Certificate of completion (online and personal copy)


1:1: £2395 (£399/ week)


*Students who register for the Customised course receive 20% off ALL of our Additional Services.