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Preparing International Students for British Higher Education Develop Your Full Academic Potential
About Us

Why The Oxford Method

The global landscape is rapidly changing, bringing opportunities for students and professionals alike to consider online academic and professional development to enhance their careers. The Oxford Method is not a typical tutoring service. We are the bridge that links international students to the British education system, leveraging years of experience in both student and staff roles at the University of Oxford. Through our individually tailored online programmes, we not only provide personalised courses to meet our students’ individual needs, but we also facilitate flexible working hours and options for one-to-one or small group instruction. The end result is the best quality education from anywhere in the world, one lesson at a time.


The Oxford Method

We offer three levels of intensity to match students’ needs and expectations, all with a common goal of improving academic and professional writing, research, and speaking skills, which require a defined time commitment from the individual.

Designed for ESL learners (B2 and above), STEM students and professionals who would like to ease their way into academic writing, research, critical thinking, and developing an argument.

Aimed at students who are comfortable with academic and creative writing, level 2 focuses on the development of critical thinking skills, preparing for and engaging in scholarly debate both within and outside their own area of expertise.

Level 3 is tailored to those preparing for Undergraduate and/or Postgraduate programmes, who wish to become proficient in the complete Oxford-style tutorial experience prior to commencing their studies.


Upcoming 2021 Session Start Dates

Spring registration:

  • Week commencing 19 April (1 slot available)
  • Week commencing 24 May (2 slots available)

Summer registration:

  • Week commencing 5 July (5 slots available)
  • Week commencing 16 August (7 slots available)

Fall registration:

  • Week commencing 27 September (20 slots available)
  • Week commencing 8 November (22 slots available)