The Oxford Method

Preparing International Students for British Higher Education Develop Your Full Academic Potential

The Oxford Method is designed with one purpose in mind: 

to virtually enhance students’ academic credentials (i.e., academic writing, reading, and critical thinking) through intensive 6-week Oxbridge-style tutorials to fully prepare international students for British Higher Education.

An Elite Preparatory Programme

Open to students (16+) and adults planning to attend universities throughout the United Kingdom.

Oxbridge Style Tutorials

Course Options

Our Customised 1:1 tutorials are personally tailored to our students’ individual research interests, allowing them to choose from a series of Oxbridge-style themes to study during the course of their 6-week programme.

Our Pre-Packaged 1:1 and small group tutorials are designed with the Oxbridge (i.e., Oxford and Cambridge) student in mind. Each of our 6-week programmes are individually created by former Oxbridge academics based on years of teaching experience at Britain’s top universities.

For those interested in registering for our Pre-Packaged and Customised courses, we provide a FREE TRIAL Oxbridge-style tutorial for students to give them a feel for Oxbridge’s Socratic approach to teaching before signing up for one of our courses.

About Us

Why The Oxford Method

The global landscape is rapidly changing, bringing opportunities for students and professionals alike to consider online academic and professional development to enhance their careers. The Oxford Method is not a typical tutoring service. We are the bridge that links international students to the British education system, leveraging years of experience in both student and staff roles at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge. Through our individually tailored online programmes, we not only provide personalised courses to meet our students’ individual needs, but we also facilitate flexible working hours and options for one-to-one or small group instruction. The end result is the best quality education from anywhere in the world, one lesson at a time.

Ann, in addition to her indisputable preparation, competence, and knowledge, knows how to put ‘something more’ in her lessons, something like a ‘plus value’ that makes you feel involved, interested, and passionate about what you are learning. I think that such a teaching approach can be essential and determinant for the educational growth of a young student.


Ann’s teaching…was quite simply exemplary. She was always well-prepared and offered many useful and perceptive insights on the readings… I was [also] struck by her ability to use incisive questions to draw out thoughtful responses from some of the quietest students, using humour and candour to her advantage without ever dominating the discussion.

Dr Zuzanna Olszewska
University of Oxford

I have sat in on Ann’s teaching with Oxford undergraduates in anthropology, and found it to be thorough, clear and engaging, but above all innovative in encouraging the students in new ways of thinking about the topic and new ways of learning about it. They responded well and positively to Ann enhancing their learning experience in this way and came away from the lesson in an obviously happy frame of mind.

Dr Robert Parkin
Emeritus, University of Oxford

Dr Wand is one of the most memorable professors of my academic career. During my time studying abroad and beyond, she was essential to my burgeoning understanding of the humanities as well as European culture. She is an excellent educator and anthropologist who is no stranger to going above and beyond on behalf of her students. I am an ethnographer today largely due to her influence.


Dr Wand had the perfect balance of formality and informality in delivering tutorials. Approachable and extremely knowledgeable, I would highly recommend her as a tutor!