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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of our Frequently Asked Questions. If you don't see the answer to yours, feel free to contact us.

No, as these courses are all online a visa will not be necessary.

It really depends on what the student is looking for. Some students prefer more individualised attention when developing their writing, reading, and speaking skills, while other students benefit from more group discussion in order to learn differing perspectives from their peers. Small groups can also be useful for those who want to build up their communication and debating skills, and be a great way to network with other students who are interested in achieving the same educational objectives as themselves.

The Oxford Method tutorials are based on a technique born exclusively from Dr Wand’s experience as a tutor and ad-hoc lecturer at the University of Oxford. Each week before the following lesson, students are given a writing prompt along with a series of academic (and sometimes mainstream) articles to read in depth in order to answer that week’s essay question. Before the tutorial, the tutor reads through each student’s essay to see if they answered the question properly. S/he looks not only at the content of the writing, but checks for grammar, proper citations, and the students’ ability to think independently (as opposed to writing for the tutor). For each tutorial, the tutor will walk through the weekly readings with each student, asking them in-depth questions about their thoughts on each of the articles, and their understanding of the material. S/he will also pose questions using the Socratic method to encourage each student to think outside of their comfort zone so they can see how the material they studied that week can be applied to larger issues in modern society. The objective behind this procedure is to teach each student how to research and think for themselves rather than waiting for the information to be spoon fed to them.

Your completed weekly written assignment, a good internet connection, a quiet place to work, headphones (if necessary) and a working computer camera. In addition, we advise students to bring a notepad to take notes, etc. We also ask that students show up to their tutorials a few minutes ahead of time to make sure that their internet connection is working properly.

Sometimes these things happen so we ask our students to manage their time as best as possible. Even a partially completed assignment is better than not submitting anything at all. 

No, the tutorials are more of a learning process where students discover their strengths and weaknesses and try to build and learn from them. In providing grades, students tend to focus on the grades themselves, determining their self-worth and sense of achievement. At The Oxford Method, our goal is to move beyond this way of thinking by teaching the student to work on personal development at a pace that works best for them.

All courses are paid up front to reserve a space in the yearly calendar. We accept PayPal and bank transfers.

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Of course! Learning is an on-going process, and when it comes to academic excellence Rome was not built in a day.