The Oxford Method


Dr. Ann Wand,
DPhil (Oxon)

Founder & Director

The Oxford Method Tutorials

The Oxford Method is an online university preparatory programme that involves Oxbridge-style tutorials for international students interested in attending British higher education, whether at the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge, or throughout the United Kingdom. Developed by Founder and Director, Dr Ann Wand, DPhil (Oxon), the original idea for an international university preparatory programme is the long-term result of Dr Wand’s years as a resident of Oxfordshire, former Oxford lecturer, and doctoral graduate at the University of Oxford. Having worked as a lecturer, researcher, and student in international education since 2002, she became aware of the concerns amongst international students after noticing the challenges they faced when trying to conform to the academic standards expected of British higher education. This has resulted in a cultural dichotomy where international students are finding the adjustment to British universities to be more than just academically demanding, but emotionally challenging as well.

About The Oxford Method

As a trained anthropologist, Dr Wand and her team are accustomed to providing a more holistic approach to university preparatory training by instilling feedback that is academically rigorous and constructive so that students can develop their overall potential. By using personalised Oxbridge-style tutorials, a technique born exclusively from Dr Wand’s experience at the University of Oxford, students are trained on how to think, read, and write academically to the highest university standards.


Whether you are interested in studying abroad in Britain for a semester, or would like to consider applying for university in the UK, our online courses give students the academic confidence they need to take those initial first steps towards obtaining a British education.